Case Study: Earth Station One

A triple circular pods 9 meters in diameter interconnected via 1.5 meter width pathways. The materials used are 3D printed interconnecting smart bricks which are built using Lunar regolith.

 CAS finished the architectural plans, structural plans, details, and calculations using Finite Element Analysis Method (FEM) for Proposed Earth Station One, for GSO (Global Space Organization) based in Arizona last November (2019).

The client wanted to develop a detailed building design plans of a 3-node station pods completely sealed operating like a biodome that will be constructed using 3D printed interlocking smart block walls with blocks designed to interlock on all sides. The blocks form a solid circular wall 500mm thick and 3000mm height with an interior diameter of 8000mm. The mortar less interlocking block shapes will need to interlock well enough to maintain an interior pressurized environment and clean room environment.

The client (Caed) from GSO was pleased that “was designed professional and with plans and details exactly as we had requested”, and that the “design plans were completed early and CAS had provided information and asked questions throughout the process allowing for a completed design to our exacting standards”.

Caed ReviewThe plans of Global Space Organization (GSO Earth Station One (GS-1)) concept lunar station that will eventually be formed from lunar materials on the Moon itself.

At the Arizona site, where the GS-1 is to be constructed, the client plans to manufacture the interlocking blocks on-site using rubberized mold forms with standard concrete and volcanic fly ash. The brick forming process will eventually use a lunar regolith that will be heat sintered within a form on the lunar surface. The interior of each node will be filled with an inflatable liner using Kelvar, Vectran and other materials for durability and hold an internal atmosphere. They also plan to incorporate Huber Technologies pressure tight doors on the two external nodes.

The entire floor will be cast using 4000psi compressive strength 300mm thick reinforced concrete slab which serves as the foundation of the structure where the blocks bears on. The roof will be 250mm thick reinforced concrete slab like the floor slab.

It was a pleasure for CAS to provide structural engineering services for GSO and we look forward to any future projects!

Case Study - Earth Station One2