UK Planning App & Building Regs

The type and number of drawings you need to submit with your planning application will vary according to the nature of the proposal and the type of application. For a domestic extension you usually need to include the following architectural design drawings with your submission:

  • An ordinance survey-based location plan at a 1:1250 scale
  • A site plan at a 1:500 scale
  • All elevations at a 1:100 or 1:50 scale
  • Floor plans at each level at a 1:100 or 1:50 scale
  • A roof plan at a 1:100 or 1:50 scale
  • Context drawings and other representations

We also serve you by delivering assistance in planning applications that can be submitted to the planning portal. Planning applications are a series of legal processes that enable the board to decide if you are to go on with your project or not. As you would expect, our experience sets you at an advantage as we know all that is to be known about the design and drawings needed for applying.

Once you have received Planning Permission, you need to consider the requirement for approval under the Building Regulations. If you do some additional plans will be required, these plans need to be in far more detail than those required for basic Planning Permission approval. They define the actual method of construction and must demonstrate that the property will be built in a suitable manner to meet structural integrity, thermal insulation, and ventilation etc. Construct the ideal edifice today compliant with all design standards and regulations in the UK. With our wealth of experience, we can see your project through from start to finish, ensuring that every stipulation of the codes is honored. It is no secret that in the UK, Building Regulations can get complex especially for persons who aren’t regularly updated. Our services at CAS will come in handy in keeping you updated with the latest requirements and help you implement these guides to your project. We take advantage of our relentless commitment to excellence, our amazing team and our trusted solutions in delivering the best service to our dear clients.



An extension to your property will allow you to use the most of your space, and increase your property value. Whether a home or a commercial property, an extension can be an additional room on the top of your garage, or a porch to the rear of your home or even a conservatory to add luxury to your home. At CAS we have done over 300 extension projects, in compliance to local codes. Our structural engineers will produce the construction drawings and design calculations for your Building Regs requirements.



Do you have a new build project? If you want a new flat building, detached house, semi-detached property, terraced house, or even a cottage, patio, or bungalow, then our structural engineers are at your service. CAS structural engineers will design, plan and oversee the construction of new buildings or other structures. We will make sure the building and structures are safe and capable of withstanding the forces to which they will be exposed. We will give you the calculations, designs, reports, and technical advice needed for your new build, in accordance to all regulation codes.



An alteration to your home will include moving walls, creating new rooms, adding windows, or even redesigning and refurbishment of rooms you already have. You can increase or reduce your floor area, close openings and erect new walls. CAS structural engineers will ensure the strength and durability of your building structure. We will provide the material specifications, calculations and suggest you the most economical building materials.



A loft conversion will change your unused attic to a functional space, from a new bedroom, a home office, a library or any new living space. Depending on the type of roof type, our engineers will guide you on the structural factors required, to allow your space to be used easily and effectively. CAS engineers will advise on whether rafters should be strengthened, or additional supports added, or if you need to replace ceiling joists and much more. Our engineer’s design always comply with the Building Regs and will point you in the right direction.

  • Rear Extension
  • Side Extension
  • Upper Floor Extension
  • Basement Extension
  • Loft Conversions
  • Alteration
  • New Build Structures
  • Chimney Breast Removal
  • Internal Wall Removal
  • Garage Conversion
  • Barn Conversion
  • Underpinning